Silesian International Legal Commission (SILC) is a special unit acting under the Bar Association in Katowice with a mission of supporting the foreign business with legal services in Poland. The Group consists of advocates (barristers) using foreign languages who give a guarantee of a proper cooperation. The biggest force of the group are their members, whose total amount of experience enables to provide an effective help in almost every kind of a law. However SILC conducts its activity mostly in a Silesia district, it is possible for the Commission to provide legal services on a whole Polish territory.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to send us an e-mail (

President of the Silesian International Legal Commission
Adw. Paulina Skwarek

Silesian International Legal Commission MEMBERS:

Beata Bieniek
Józef Fox
Tomasz Gurdek
Maciej Jużków
Justyna Kihl
Paweł Koehler
Paulina Skwarek
Igor Służałek
Tomasz Winiarski

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