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Dear Sir or Madam,

Silesian International Legal Commission (SILC) (read more about us) is a special unit acting under the Bar Association in Katowice with a mission of supporting the foreign business with legal services in Poland.


  • you are planning to expand your business to Poland or you are already here
  • you have Polish contractors or plan to get them
  • you are looking for investment opportunities in Poland, including in the field of M&A
  • you are considering purchasing real estate in Poland
  • you have debtors or creditors in Poland
  • you have any official matters to deal with in Poland
  • you have a problem with the Polish authorities or the administration of justice
  • you are a party of proceedings before the Polish court, Court of Arbitration based in Poland or before other Polish authorities
    and you want to find a specialized law firm in Poland that is using foreign languages, please contact the Silesian International Legal Commission:

The Commission will provide you with a list of licensed and experienced lawyers, who have the necessary knowledge and experience in matters that may interest you. On the list you will find a lawyer who speaks your language or language that you understand and has the experience required in your case. Each person is a member of the Bar Association and has the necessary insurance and entitlement to act before all courts in Poland. All designated persons are obliged to comply with ethical principles, including statutory obligation to maintain legal confidentiality.

President of the Silesian International Legal Commission
Adw. Paulina Skwarek

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