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Dear Colleagues,

the Silesian International Legal Commission (read more about us) is a special unit acting under the Bar Association in Katowice with a mission of supporting foreign business (as well as foreign law firms) with legal services in Poland.
We present you a list of advocates who belong to the Bar Association in Katowice and have a proper knowledge, experience and abilities to communicate in foreign languages. The advocates from the list are ready to support your legal firms and your Clients with legal actions on a Polish territory.

The given advocates are entitled to act in front of every Polish courts and administrative bodies. Each of them is able to provide you and your contracting partners suitable legal help.

Advocates mentioned on the list are experienced in an international cooperation and are aware of legal services standards that are in force in Europe and other parts of the world. Our goal is to facilitate you to get in contact with Polish advocates and in the same time having guarantee that the cooperation will work on a top level.

Advocates from the list are ready to help you in a specific trial, substitute you in a single action during a proceeding and start a regular collaboration.

Our Commission is convinced that starting a cooperation with the advocates given on the list is more profitable either than committing legal actions in Polish law system on your own.

We invite you to cooperation.

If you need any help in your search, please contact us ( and we will provide you with the necessary support.

President of the Silesian International Legal Commission
Adw. Paulina Skwarek

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